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Upcoming Events

Get inspired by Dr. Viola Mecke's upcoming audiobook, "The Complexities of Life after Seventy," as it tackles the challenges of the 15% of the oldest Americans, covering health, changing abilities, and relationship losses, all while emphasizing their resilience and positivity.


The bibliophile's fantasy is on the verge of being realized as Dr. Viola Mecke is set to participate in the world's biggest book fair!

18th - 22nd of October 2023

Paper Abstract
About Viola Mecke, Ph.D., ABPP

Viola Mecke, Ph.D., ABPP is a clinical psychologist with more than forty years of experience in teaching and in clinical practice. She is a Professor Emerita at the California State University, East Bay, and a Clinical Professor Emerita (adjunct) in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University, Palo Alto, California. Her specialty field of study has been emotional and personality development throughout her life span.

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